Naga Keerthi Naidu Bogadi

Associate Professor

Ar. Naga Keerthi Naidu Bogadi completed her B. Arch in 2008 from SAR College of Architecture (Affiliated to JNTU Hyderabad) and M. Arch (Environmental Architecture) in 2013 from Mc Gan’s Ooty School of Architecture (Affiliated to Anna University Chennai).
She completed her PhD in October 2023 from SPA Vijayawada on the topic, “Flood Sensitive Guidelines for Inland Cities- A Case of Bengaluru.”

She worked as a practicing architect in various capacities at Studio One Architects, Secunderabad.
She worked as an Assistant Professor at ANU College of Architecture and Planning (2009-11), SPA Vijayawada (2015-17), and KL University (2018-20).
She joined as an Assistant Professor at GITAM School of Architecture Hyderabad in August 2021, now working as an Associate Professor, while also handling other academic responsibilities. 

Research Publication/Projects
  • Naidu, B. N. K., & Ahmed, F. (2023). Assessing LULC changes and LST through NDVI and NDBI spatial indicators : a case of Bengaluru, India. GeoJournal, 0123456789.
  • Keerthi Naidu, B., Chundeli, F. A. (2023). Impact of land use land cover changes at meso-level on the flood response of an inland city- A case of two watershed areas of Bengaluru, India. Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol., 45(3), 371–378.
  • Keerthi Naidu, B., Chundeli, F. A., & Rao, K. M. (2022). Land Use Land Cover and Land Surface Temperature : Variations in the Rapidly Expanding Urban Area of Bengaluru , India. ISVS E-Journal, 9(5), 334–345.
  • Naidu, Bhogadi Naga Keerthi; Faiz Ahmed Chundeli, K. R. M. (2023). Impact of Development Density on Flood Response: Two Watersheds in Bengaluru, India. ISVS E-Journal, 10(1), 37–48.
  • Naidu, Keerthi & Srikonda, Ramesh. (2015). Initiatives in Climate Responsive and Energy Efficient Architecture. International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. 4. 10.7492/IJAEC.2015.023.
  • Presented at an International Workshop, " International Workshop on Design Adaptation Strategies to Reduce the Societal Impact of Climate Change and Coastal Hazards in the United Kingdom." organised by the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom on the topic, "Impact Of Changing Urban Landscapes on the Urban Flooding Response- A Case of Urban Core and Fringes of Bengaluru".
  • Urban Environments, Landscapes, and urban flooding
  • Climatology in Architecture
  • History of Architecture
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