Delighted to launch the Film and Literary Society, or FALS: a platform for students, faculty, and staff of GITAM University Visakhapatnam to engage critically with film and media texts every month.

FALS is a space where cinema and media are opened up beyond their disciplinary boundaries to serve as a starting point of debate, discussion, and to share different perspectives on the built environment, society, culture, urbanism, politics, ethics, gender, economics, and many other themes. 

A short inauguration during the Alumni Homecoming in December ’23 will kickstart the initiative and a monthly screening schedule curated by the faculty of Gitam School of Architecture will be shared shortly afterwards.

We encourage lively interaction and a merging of intellectual and popular discourse through your enthusiastic participation.

The acronym of the Film and Literary Society, FALS is a play on the word ‘false’ and playfully highlights the way in which words, images, and texts are only partial truths of a larger reality and hence ‘false’.


Venue: Campus Pop-Ups TBA

Day and Time: Fridays TBA

Faculty in charge:

Radha Dayal rdayal@gitam.edu