Expert Guest Lecture

GITAM School of Architecture recently hosted an enlightening program featuring Ar Satya Kiran Manepalli, a distinguished Healthcare Architect from HE.AR.T Architects, Bangalore. With over 25 years of global industry experience, he shared invaluable insights with our B.Arch & M.Arch students, enhancing their understanding of healthcare architecture—a perfect complement to our semester theme of Health and Wellness. Ar. Manepalli's lectures spanned from fundamental concepts like healthcare facility overviews and hospital planning grids to advanced topics like building services, fire regulations, and the nuanced design of operation theatres and radiation oncology facilities. Over two dynamic days, 80 students and dedicated faculty members eagerly embraced this wealth of knowledge. At GSA, we remain committed to shaping architects ready to make a lasting impact in design, and this program was a significant stride in that direction