ADDA Sem 2.3


We are delighted to share the details of speaker and topic for Feb 02, 2024, ADDA –  A Faculty Research Seminar Series conducted every Friday.

Tubular Daylight Devices (TDDs) are innovative lighting solutions that capture and transmit natural sunlight into interior spaces that are not accessible by conventional windows or skylights. TDDs consist of a rooftop dome, a highly reflective tube, and a diffuser that distributes the light evenly. TDDs offer several benefits, such as reducing energy consumption and costs, improving visual comfort and well-being. This study reviews the principles, design, and performance of TDDs, and discusses their applications and challenges in residential buildings.

Topic:  Optimizing daylight: An analysis on Tubular Daylight Devices (TDDs)

Speaker: Ar Bikash Patra